General Manufacturing

At Madison-Smith, we understand your facility must operate dependably every day, all day – no matter what industry you serve or products you provide. We also understand your urgency and limited timelines during planned outages.

Fortunately, we bring the experience, skills, and can-do approach to meet the strictest deadlines under the tightest pressure.
Trust Madison-Smith to provide the world’s most advanced machining, custom fabrication, and field services. We are your best value partner.

Food and Beverage

Successful food-processing operations require a symphony of various processing equipment working in calibrated harmony. Madison-Smith provides the food industry with the most complete breadth of machining, fabrication, and field services to ensure your equipment performs the way it needs to.

We also know food safety is paramount to your operations. Madison-Smith uniquely understands the complex food-safety regulations with which your facility must comply. We meet these requirements in all of services including equipment installation, repairs, and everyday maintenance.

Madison-Smith serves many aspects of the food-processing industry.

  • Food and Beverage Processors: We provide everything your line needs – from fabricating new pieces, to adapting your existing equipment for new products, to servicing your equipment on-site with our top tradesmen.
  • Plant Contractors: With locations across the country, more than 25 years of manufacturing experience, and the most skilled workforce in the industry, Madison-Smith is everywhere and everything you need.
  • Equipment Manufacturers: Trust Madison-Smith to be your authorized installation and service provider. No other company can match our combination of capabilities, experience, and commitment to service.


Quality, cost-effectiveness, and timing are paramount to the automotive industry. We understand your pressures, and we abide by Just In Time principles. We deliver services and products on time and to specification – without exception.

We consciously and continuously invest in our equipment and our workforce. Our state-of-the-art equipment gives us capabilities for which our competitors can only wish. And our skilled machinists, welders, millwrights, and fabricators are among the best in the business. Their professionalism, skill, experience, and dedication makes Madison-Smith the place to call when quality, cost, and timing can’t be risked.


From farm equipment manufacturing to animal-feed processing, Madison-Smith is the agriculture industry’s partner for machining, custom fabrication, and on-site services. We have the equipment, skills, and manpower to get the job done.

We also have the know-how and can-do approach to solve your machinery problems. In fact, we specialize in projects other companies say “can’t be done.” No matter the complexity of your need, our experts will work with you to find a solution. We think you’ll agree with what our agricultural customers tell us: No other provider is more dedicated, more experienced, or more capable than Madison-Smith.


When your mine is expected to meet new production levels, you can’t afford downtime – period. Madison-Smith provides you the highest quality in precision machining, custom fabrication, and on-site services.

We meet your specific needs – no matter what they are –with the world’s most advanced machining capabilities, the industry’s top certified welders, and an experienced team delivering outstanding on-site services. Whether your business is coal or non-coal mining, surface or underground, Madison-Smith is your partner for all operations – from loading to dumping, conveying, pulverizing, and final processing.

Pulp/Paper and Timber

Whether your business is making paper products, harvesting trees, or processing timber for lumber, Madison-Smith has 30-plus years serving companies like yours. We understand the harsh environments in which you operate, and we understand your need to keep your equipment running regardless of circumstance.

We continuously invest in the equipment and workforce to get the job done. Madison-Smith brings the skills, capabilities and can-do attitude to deliver high-quality custom fabrication, field services, and precision machining. We meet your needs no matter how big or small.

Material Handling

Madison-Smith has successfully served the material-handling industry for over 30 years. We know your industry faces constant changes, and we have the equipment and manpower to help you keep pace.

With the world’s most advanced machining equipment, the industry’s top certified welders, and a team of experienced professionals delivering outstanding on-site services, Madison-Smith can handle even your toughest machinery challenges. We’ll work from your drawings or help you develop a custom solution. In fact, we specialize in those complex projects that other companies will tell you “can’t be done.”

Tire and Rubber

Uptime is crucial to the tire and rubber industry. Operations and other critical processes – from the raw materials stage, to the mixing lines, through the curing process – need to run 24/7 with reliability and efficiency.

Madison-Smith has the expertise, top-of-the-line equipment, and engineering capabilities to keep you up and running. Whether you face emergency repairs or scheduled plant shutdowns, we customize our advanced machining, fabrication, and on-site solutions to fit your precise needs.


Madison-Smith is passionate about serving the metals industry. With over 30 years of experience in machining, fabrication, and specialized on-site services, Madison-Smith provides the services you need to maintain and improve your production-line performance.

For all your critical metals operations – whether hot-mill or cold-mill rolling – Madison-Smith is your best value partner. No other provider matches our capabilities, our expertise, and our ingenuity. Trust Madison-Smith for the solutions you need and the performance you want.

Power Generation

Uptime is integral to power-generation industry – especially during peak summer months. Power plants need to operate 24/7 with dependability and efficiency. Madison-Smith helps maintains your plants reliability with the world’s most advanced machining, fabrication, and specialized on-site solutions.

We understand the urgency and limited timelines you face during both planned and emergency outages. And we bring the experience, the skills, and the state-of-the-art equipment to meet even the toughest deadlines – anywhere in the country. Madison-Smith provides unparalleled service whenever and wherever you need us.


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